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As well as collaborating with some of the area’s best architects and designers, Back Bay Design also offers in-house design services. Up front, we will spend extensive time with you onsite to to create innovative yet practical solutions. We listen to your visions and design ideas while offering alternative design solutions to meet your expectations.


Back Bay Design differentiates itself from other builders by creating a collaborative environment from the start. We want to help create practical solutions while meeting modern day needs. We therefore work with you to meticulously plan out the details in the beginning, to ensure the best possible result, helping to make your visions reality.


Historic Renovation:

We love old homes and have many years of experience restoring them back to their original state of grandeur. Our greatest compliment is when people ask “which part of the house is new construction?” We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our ability to bring back elements true to the original style of the home while meeting modern day needs.


Part of the difficulty of buying a new home is understanding what changes can be made to the existing structure to meet your needs. Many people close on their homes not yet knowing if the kitchen can be enlarged, or if a specific wall can be removed, nor do they often have a clear idea of what these changes will cost. Back Bay Design can help you before you commit to buy a certain home. We can visit the house with you prior to your purchase to help determine what structural changes are possible and provide rough estimates on overall projected costs.


As municipal ordinances and building permits become more and more restrictive we find it helpful to assist clients in order to facilitate the overall zoning process by:

  • preparing and submitting applications to the Department of Inspectional Services

  • attending historical and zoning hearings.

  • researching local historical/zoning ordinances

  • meeting with historical/zoning officials to learn if zoning relief is required

  • surveying

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