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About Dan Beliveau

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Dan Beliveau has over 35 years of experience learning every aspect of building and design. Dan grew up in the industry working with his father, owner of RAB construction, a design/build firm specializing in both commercial and residential sectors. Working for his father, a perfectionist and master of all trades, Dan developed a sophisticated eye and became skilled in the art of fine carpentry at an early age. He was able to see and apprentice for each sub-contracted specialty and develop the crucial skills to keep a project moving if a plumber, electrician, sheet rocker or framer didn’t show up.

Dan’s passion for building continued as he began his career developing residential properties in the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, North End, Charlestown, Waterfront and Seaport areas all around Boston. During this time Dan bought and sold over 25 properties. His passion, combined with his expert ability to evaluate, design and restore old buildings back to their original state, allowed him to realize investment returns as high as 100%.

Dan’s expertise became evident on a national scale when he joined forces with the team from the PBS television show “This Old House” to design and renovate his own home in Charlestown. During this time he had the unique experience of working side by side with the “This Old House” team for 10 months. It was a win-win situation. Dan provided design ideas and his “tricks of the trade” to the team while increasing his knowledge base from working with some of the best builders and craftsman in the industry.

After years of developing residential properties, Dan has expanded, through BBDC, offering his services to clients who appreciate the art of fine home building and new construction. With his passion to renovate old houses, his sophisticated eye for redesigning space as well as his ability to bring back architectural elements true to the original style of the home, combined with his overall wealth of knowledge, Dan prides himself on his ability to help people make their visions become reality.

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